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Digital Strategy.

Our digital marketing and social media strategies are one-of-a-kinds, tailored to the client’s specific goals and requirements. We provide complete SEO, PPC, paid campaigns, social media marketing, and other digital marketing campaigns solutions.

Creative Design.

We create amazing interfaces for our clients that are user-friendly, innovative, and responsive with the quickest turnaround times possible. Specializes in custom website creation and digital content, including web design and development.

Performance Build.

Provide you next-generation web development services to assist you in navigating the ever-changing technological landscape. Create a website that evolves with your company. We can provide customizable websites and handy tools to help you start and expand your digital business.

Creative Design We Work.

Logo & Brochure

A well-designed logo is a simple method to show potential customers that your brand is competent, reliable, and offers high-quality products or services.

Brochures are promotional publications that are generally created to enhance a company, organization, products, or services, as well as to enlighten potential customers or members of the public about their benefits.

UI Design & Brand Post

The goal of graphic design is to visually design the user interface/user experience. Like a great artist, a great designer will take the best of what they see and create something new and special.

We follow the basic principles of Graphic Design are Emphasis, Balance and Alignment, Contrast, Repetition, Proportion, Movement and White Space.

Design Principles we follow

Unique & Reliable, Simple & Elegant, Memorable, Versatile & Appropriate for the brand.

Build & Support

We work on Developing Custom Website for Small, Medium, Corporate business and E-Commerce Website. Our services extend to custom software solution such as CRM, Payment Gateway, Mobile Applications. Provide premium and outstanding web development services, we leverage cutting-edge technologies.

We are driven by values

For better web services we offer you on Domain, Hosting, Professional Email and SSL Certificate. 

To provide the finest possible solutions at cheap pricing, we have partnered with one of the leading web development firms in Coimbatore “123 Total Web Solutions” was started in the year 2010 with its prime focus on web designing, web development services with an ISO 9001-2015 certification

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Complete solution in Social Media Marketing, and Digital Marketing to efficiently promote your products and services online

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Solution includes SEO & SEM, Google Ads & PPC, Copy writing & Content Marketing, Email Marketing, E-Commerce Marketing, Blogging.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Solitons includes Social Media Optimization, Social Media Paid Campaign, Social Media Monitoring, Lead Generation, Brand Promotion, Custom Brand Post, Traffic & Engagement.

Social Media Platform We Work

Digital Tools We Work

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Google Ads,  Google Ad Sense, Google Market place, Mobile Optimize Marketing

Bing Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Bing Ads, Bing Web Console,

Email Marketing, we work in one of the most popular email marketing platform mailchimp. And Custom Landing Page

Bulk SMS on various categories 

Google Analytic to track your metric how your website is performing along with Search Console, Google Tag Manager.

Copywriting & Content Marketing help your know your brand and help you on Organic growth. We help you on optimize your website and blog post.


Most frequent questions and answers

Multi-purpose startup for Big, Medium, small-sized businesses. We provide complete web solutions in web design, development, Domain, Hosting, Digital Marketing, and other services.

Sprinklet Offers: 

  • Web Design & Development
  • Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing
  • Software Solutions, CRM, Payment Gateway
  • Logo, Brochure, Graphics, Social Media Post
  • Domain, Hosting, Web Maintenance, Server Space

5 Basic Principles we follow

1.Putting the customer first – We believe that ongoing research helps us better understand our customers’ demands so that we may create items that they like.

2.Value for money-We provides more value by continuously improving quality, efficiency, and speed.

3.Delivery-We make it a priority to accomplish each project on time or within the specified deadline.

4.Support with a smile-We pay attention to you, learn about your aspirations, and discover how to achieve them.

5.Quality is something we strive for and provide in every work.

As every website and software is different from one another. We did not have a fixed price to develop a website or software.

The price of the project depends on the scope, technology, and time frame, based on that we assist you with the price.

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